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warehouse pallet rackings system - Storage automation

Strengthen the members of upper and lower part of the interval is connected with each other
Together, allowing the strengthening member function as a flexural members.Invention is a large
transport vehicles like a car or Garage Shelving Systems. Storage automation or Storage Shelvings including the definition of a diversified center position two drive-in Channels and the length of the vehicle.
Pallet storage racks on each side of the installation position. A rail is installed on the pillars,
and the other one is installed at the opposite wall. Rails are spaced so that the forklift driving.
However, spacing narrow enough, rails can support without any intermediate tray edge

In the warehouse pallet rackings system has been used for years. However, this is not feasible
Will set up a warehouse rack system. Rail cars the composition of the different design problems.
Warehouse system is made of steel, the strongest materials available. Steel is obviously
The choice of materials, because it is suitable for the support the heaviest Pallet Rackings.
When the economy collapsed, aircraft manufacturers is very difficult. Unfortunately, as a result, we have already seen some supplier shut down.
For example, when the good times, Excel storage products to buy lodi metal science and technology,
the prest rack WC cardinal. But the strategic maneuvering ambush and all of these companies now
The economy of casualties.