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Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)


Automated storage and retrieval system consists of the racking systems, pallet, conveyor, self-guided cart, automatic control system, communication system, computer programming system, and its auxiliary parts.

AS RS is being widely applied in many automated warehouse to realize warehouse automation, such as

Industrial production field (machinery, tobacco, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical, automobile manufacturing industry, etc)

Logistic field ( distribution of all the cargo, products)

Merchandise production field (dairy, wine, chemicals, garment, printing industry, etc)


Superior performance:

Maximum space utilization rate can be achieved.

AS RS, as one of the advanced warehousing systems, can enhance and improve the management level and mode of operation in the warehouses and distribution centers.







Forks for AS RS stacker crane (cooperated with Japanese engineers)


  • Superior performance and advanced techniques
  • Have passed 100,000 times life test
  • Operated steadily and quietly 
  • Nominal load capacity: 500 KG ~ 1500 KG
  • Stage Extractor speed: Max. 50m/min
  • Electrical Components: purchase international brandstorage rack, automatic storage, automatic retrieval, AS & RS, AS/RS, track alleyway stackers, trackless alley stackers
Product Name:
Automated storage and retrieval system
Automated storage and retrieval system is being wide used in many industries and for the products with so many varieties, and realizes the automation of the warehouse management.